The SDV-MPG has been in existence since June, 2016. We formed as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Kingdomware case and VA’s announcement of the development of a medical/surgical prime vendor program. Our goal was to insure that SDVOSBs would  play a part in the MSPV program. From 2016-2021 we were under the umbrella of the National Veteran Small Business Coalition (NVSBC). As a result of decisions made by the new leadership of the NVSBC it was determined to be in our best interest to leave the NVSBC and form our own organization, thus the formation of the SDV-MPG in January, 2022. We have 22 member firms, all VA/CVE verified SDVOSBs.  Over the past 10 months we have engaged VA at all levels; headquarters, VHA and the SAC as to our  concerns regarding the current prime vendor contract as well as the draft RFP for the upcoming MSPV distribution contracts.  We have also briefed staff of the Senate and House Veterans Affairs Committees as to our concerns as they have learned of the program’s failures through various GAO reviews over the past several years. We have responded to all RFI’s on the upcoming contracts and have provided VA with 19 recommendations VA must implement in order for the MSPV program to work for the SDVOSB community. Most of the recommendations center around VA’s failure to administer the MSPV contracts once awarded, and VA’s failure to hold the prime vendor distributors accountable to the terms and conditions of their contracts. Unfortunately the prime vendors are very adept at manipulating the program to their advantage by not assigning PVONs, substituting products, not timely paying suppliers, placing unnecessary administrative burdens on suppliers and establishing separate contractual vehicles to monopolize open market purchases that rightfully should  go to SDVOSBs under VETS First. We are also working with both VA and DLA to establish reasonable criteria and timeframes for giving Economic Price Adjustments for products on BPA,s DAPA’s, etc. The level of inflation in healthcare products as well as prime vendors unilaterally raising distribution costs are both making it hard for SDVOSB suppliers to stay in business.

I would encourage you and other SDVOSB medical product suppliers concerned about these issues  to engage and join  with the SDV-MPG membership to level the playing field for all SDVOSB suppliers in working with both VA and DLA. Myself and any of the SDV-MPG Bard members are happy to talk with you and others at your convenience. We believe there is strength in numbers and the more voices we have the better for all of us.

Remember the SDV-MPG is the only organization run by veteran small business owners for veteran small business owners in the medical products, supplies and equipment arena. All leaders are fellow veteran and service-disabled veterans! 

Please join us!